Perfect WE

Knock! Knock! 

Tried a lot to tap on your doors, leaving all my chores

Tried to express to impress, but maybe I was just being useless

Tried a lot to make things work, without being a jerk

I tried and tried to get you by my side

Maybe your gravity was too much, it was pulling me aside
Maybe if You could just be my gear then i’d be your ratio

Maybe you would be chords and i’d be your casio

Could walk a thousand mile for just your lil smile

Maybe we would just walk down the beach, holding hands out of everyone’s reach
Every time I thought I had you, I realise you are still miles apart

But maybe I was expecting snow in June, Baby was there no way we could tune ?
You could be rude to me, you could even swear upon me

Because all these things, all those moments were within me

I don’t even need you to think about you. That’s the beauty of it.

All those cold shoulders you showed, all those opinions you hold

You were just being you, and I am just me

Maybe we weren’t a Perfect we


EYES Dreams 

Panting so heavy, sweating like climbing valley

Crawling inside a cemented grave ,  was i really that brave

a black tee with a ripped short, my eyes were wandering south&north

inside it was quite , mirrors on my left&right

I couldn’t see my reflection in it, i started to panic

as I looked back, there were those eyes starring right back at me

just the eyes..

I remember hearing an audible sound of a kid with heavy pitch.

“Its your new home”

“Thud” “Thud” “Thud” ….. someone was tapping on the grave, from outside

I wanted to scream hard, but was unable to spill a chord

i could see my hands, but they refused to follow my brain’s instructions

Who was taking control over me? Is it on my body, or on my soul?

Those eyes were again in the mirror. Staring back.

Faceless eyes, motionless eyes

They weren’t sad, they weren’t happy but drenched with faded kajal

It was dark there for sometime, was i brain dead? Then how could i think?

my feet touched the base. there seemed no way out.

“Thud” “Thud” “Thud” .. the sound retreaded

Finally heard someone saying “Its done. That was the last nail. Coffin is ready”

And there i was, holding a hairclip in my hand

I knew those eyes

I was numb, my eyes widened as the face of those motionless eyes came to light

It was her.

It was night, a month ago while returning from work, my car crashed with a girl crossing the road, when i reached her, she was gone.

Out of fear, anxiety…muttering about my future, slided her down the slope of valley.       She wore a pretty dress upto her knees, i think she was going for a party. I dumped her there.

Lesser i knew, i dumped her body, not her soul.

Here she is..looking right back at me.

Its been 20 years 294 days since then. I like my new house.  Well, she says i am a guest, cus i  gifted it to her long ago.




Another home 

I look at sky wondering if there is someone staring back.

Far in the galaxy, far on those stars

Would there be another home

Another bunch of people looking up for a hope.Another bunch of people who would kill eachother for a land of slope

Another bounded land, another starving hand

Another heart to be broken soon, another fire looking for a moon

Would there be another trust broken, would there be another kiss stolen

Would happiness stay there for long, would love meet them along

Would there be no wars, no fights no scars

I don’t want flying cars over there, Pandora’s box would lie on stairs 

No sorrow. No broken heart. No fallen trees. No hot breeze 

Would there be Another home

I look at sky wondering if someone is staring back.


Does he loves you like I did?” His posture, slightly leaning on the brick wall, gave every indications of indifference but his eyes pleaded to her.
“Well” she paused. Shaking her head at the ground, “He makes me happy in a…. different way..”  he askes “How?”

 “You made me feel everything so deep. He makes me happy, gently…Ugh.” 
His lips curved up into a smirk. He always thought she looked gorgeous when frustrated. “Could you explain. It’s been long seeing you talking.” He shifts his position, crossing his arms. 

“He is steady & safe. Shows up on time. Calls when he says he will. He smiles to me like I am his only treasure. A perfect husband. He take care of my needs. He really loves me, he’s perfect. But you .” She looked up at him with water in her eyes and a smile that would melt his interior heart.  

” You were a fire. No. More of that, you were a wildfire. Crazy and out of control. Simultaneously creating a storm in me and calmness like a shore. It was fire and passion.. and… ” She paused for a moment.   “He is safe, you were dangerous.” 

He steps towards her, not exactly planning what he was gonna do. His rough hands sweeps her hairs from her eyes & with his dusky voice. He said.” Look at me”  She does. And at exactly that moment she knew. No matter how she loved the other guy , it would never be the same. 

Best I never had


HER:- He don’t have time for me. Always busy playing with his friends, never understands my importance. All I want is his time. His attention. Don’t he get it? 

HIM:- I wish I could give her more time. Ugh… This training for the tournament is killing me. Maybe I should plan a surprise for her.
HER:-  Even today he slept in between text. I am afraid if he still loves me. 

HIM:- This is the second day in a row she is wearing red. I hate that colour.

HIM:- She bumped to me yesterday.Her eyes were so pretty. So many things wanted to burst out of my mind. I ended up saying nothing.

HER:- He didn’t say anything today, maybe he was getting late for lectures.

HIM:- I wanted to talk to her. But fucked the moment. I hope she doesn’t hates me.

HER:- He didn’t talk to me today. I was really hoping he would. Guess he isn’t interested. Anyways it was just a stupid crush.
HER friends took her to a birthday party.

HIM:- I ‘ll sing a song for her today. Let me call her.

HER:- That guy over there is kinda cute. Hope he asks my number. 

HIM:- It’s been so long. Most of the time she is busy on her cell. I hope everything is fine.

HER:- OMG! he is just charm. He sings me on phone everytime he calls me. 

HIM:-  Maybe I would send her flowers. Ah! No. I will walk to her home today after class.  I dropped the tournament so I could plan her birthday. This will be a great surprise. 

HER:-  He is taking me to his farmhouse on my birthday. Eeee. I am super excited. I wish if he could walk me home today. 

HIM:-  Today is her birthday. Happy bday to the best I never had. 

Daydreaming !!!

Going back into the time, you looked like a dime

Your face like an angle having perfect shine

You looked so innocent calm like a shore,I couldn’t take my eyes off you ,no more

You were beautiful ,I was in love

Spelling over me

I was obsured over you

Below the blue sky,looking at your cat’ie eye, smiling like an apple pie

Looking a way to talk to you, not missing any view

You wearing that dress dark blue, my mind being a Break shoe

I was a mess, you being a bless

Small moments with you cherished all though

Wanted to hold you, keep you closer

Always wanted to look into your eyes, feeling like a noble prize

But I was hung up, out of luck

That guy with whome you rome in city, I swear you looked pretty

No problem, you choose him over me, I was standing over south sea, still used to being, lonely

You were adorably gorgeous, exquisite, like a magnet, always pulling me

That alluring face, won’t be forgotten

Still waiting if you would come back to a monsterous repelling creature…

Wait what ?, Was I still daydreaming !!!


The first time he said it, she was on the floor looking for something.

“I love you”
It was quite like the midnight, and he looking at her like it’s been the important moment of his life.
“Say it again” She said. Turning back to look at him
“I love you” he whispered
There was something how she sat there looking at him. Looking so fascinating, quivering like a young leaf. He just want to sit down and hold her forever.
“I love you I love you I love you”
He was getting too brave, words slipping off his tounge like they’d been waiting for a long time to be heard . They both were alive with all of their might.

Save this moment for me, act like it doesn’t have to end.

 Tell me you love me, say none of its pretend.