Daydreaming !!!

Going back into the time, you looked like a dime

Your face like an angle having perfect shine

You looked so innocent calm like a shore,I couldn’t take my eyes off you ,no more

You were beautiful ,I was in love

Spelling over me

I was obsured over you

Below the blue sky,looking at your cat’ie eye, smiling like an apple pie

Looking a way to talk to you, not missing any view

You wearing that dress dark blue, my mind being a Break shoe

I was a mess, you being a bless

Small moments with you cherished all though

Wanted to hold you, keep you closer

Always wanted to look into your eyes, feeling like a noble prize

But I was hung up, out of luck

That guy with whome you rome in city, I swear you looked pretty

No problem, you choose him over me, I was standing over south sea, still used to being, lonely

You were adorably gorgeous, exquisite, like a magnet, always pulling me

That alluring face, won’t be forgotten

Still waiting if you would come back to a monsterous repelling creature…

Wait what ?, Was I still daydreaming !!!


The first time he said it, she was on the floor looking for something.

“I love you”
It was quite like the midnight, and he looking at her like it’s been the important moment of his life.
“Say it again” She said. Turning back to look at him
“I love you” he whispered
There was something how she sat there looking at him. Looking so fascinating, quivering like a young leaf. He just want to sit down and hold her forever.
“I love you I love you I love you”
He was getting too brave, words slipping off his tounge like they’d been waiting for a long time to be heard . They both were alive with all of their might.

Save this moment for me, act like it doesn’t have to end.

 Tell me you love me, say none of its pretend.

It was her 

One day you are going to see her holding hands with someone who took the chance. Who went there and expressed him to her. She might not even notice you because she would be too busy laughing to his stupid jokes. And it would burn your heart seeing that beautiful smile on her face and realizing you’re not the reason for it. You never were. 

You were just an admirer from far, not expressing yourself , not beacause you don’t have the guts but because you were afraid how stupid you would look in front of the most beautiful person in your world. 

Dying to make a contact with her sparkling eyes, her lips fascinating you everytime.

You look her, your wanderwall. And then it will finally hit you : It was her, It was always her.


​Seeing those creatures railing around her, she couldn’t help but scream. 

Whenever she opened her eyes, all she would see were those dreams.

Haunting her every sight, every day every night

No one knows why she yell, no one to hear to one to tell

Doctors, Priests, all medicines and beliefs 

They seemd to be confused,

 what does she see!! astonished 

Who would she tell her pain, every autumn every rain

Grueling racking,Yelling crying making noises undefined 

But one day

Everything stopped 

Her pain was gone, all silence like lawn

There was blood everywhere, and she sitting on a chair.

She had taken out her eyes, no more dreams no more cries.

Love ? 

Have you ever loved someone so much that you don’t care what happens to yourself. All you bother is their happiness, their sorrows, their problems. You just have to be with them  no matter what. Their one look and your heart skips a beat. Craving someone so much that you could jump off floors just to have their glimpse. And the time when their eyes meets yours ,you would just wanted to take a screenshot and save it forever. Knowing that you can’t be with them forever but still wanting to try, in a hope that maybe things would turn around and they would feel the way you feel for them. Hope gives them light to go on. Maybe you won’t get their love. Maybe they won’t ever notice you behind the crowd. But you would always know you could travel miles for their sake, you would guard them like a dark knight. You could let yourself suffer but won’t let them hurt.

– One sided love

You broke me

25.2138° N, 75.8648° E 
The day when I first saw you, 
You Wearing that green belt, it took me through

me chewing some sandwiches , stealing eyes on you 

You being so dumb didn’t asked my number, that night was filled with thunder 

Roamed around the city without a clue, my eyes on you struck like a glue.

Took your number from fb and texted you then, you also replied without asking why and when

Stared dreaming about you writing diaries, you were busy playing pool and doing less replies 

Didn’t know you were with one of my friend, I thought I was your gf

Your single smile makes me drool , but I think you were trying to make me fool

I had a relationship before you, but i think you were a newbie , had to guide you through every boundary

Seeing you with my friends started pumping my insecurities, so much that I forgot my basic duties

The frustration of yours avoiding me for a girl, took me like am a garbage on the floor

Those garden visits were more precious with you , but seeing you happy with her made me think what to do

I was confused of you not telling me anything, and I was here all day all night messaging 

Heard you were with her, i was hurt

Questions started to born, was I worth.

Your time for me got reduced, worried about your changed attitude 

A time came when I was broken, the life looked like a burden

Broken inside, wanting you by my side

My brain felt so numb, want you to stay along

Thought of being free from the desire of being with you, dreams of living a life with you

Should end my worthless life, then he’ll know how much I desired

Never wanted to see you again, you made me felt this pain. 

Drank the poison, to make you learn a lesson

That place would be remembered, not for you, but for things I desired,

 I survived 

Broken heart broken promises broken soul broken me.

I am happy today with the one who loves me 

We weren’t meant to be together but you were beautiful feather . 

A beautiful para of a chapter called Love from a  book called Life was ended with you. 

A Happy Jar

There are days in a year when one feels like giving up. Drenched below their failures. Their goals looking like mountains of endless slope. Daydreaming about what better could they have achieved, how better they could have acted and conversations that never really happened. Ever thought about having your own smile box?

Starting today, the first night of the new year, start a vision of not being bullied by your heavy heart. Not being crushed below the hard feeling of your un-achieved goal. Make a change and even a smaller change counts.

After everyday, while coming on bed, take a piece of paper and write all the good things that happened to you on that day. Yeah everyday wont give you the feeling of winning a cricket match but even a small happy moment  could be penned down.

That could even be   ” Came across a beautiful girl in bus today ” or ” Helped an old lady cross the road “. anything that made you feel happy that day, pen it down.

As they say, Savings on your happy days helps you in your tougher ones.

Start putting all those notes with dates in a jar.  365 happy notes.



Whenever feeling low, felling down like giving up just open your happy jar and you would see how you will recall those happy phase of your life. You will realize that your life is a lot more than doing what shows you are happy. It is doing what makes you happy.

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