Another home 

I look at sky wondering if there is someone staring back.

Far in the galaxy, far on those stars

Would there be another home

Another bunch of people looking up for a hope.Another bunch of people who would kill eachother for a land of slope

Another bounded land, another starving hand

Another heart to be broken soon, another fire looking for a moon

Would there be another trust broken, would there be another kiss stolen

Would happiness stay there for long, would love meet them along

Would there be no wars, no fights no scars

I don’t want flying cars over there, Pandora’s box would lie on stairs 

No sorrow. No broken heart. No fallen trees. No hot breeze 

Would there be Another home

I look at sky wondering if someone is staring back.

Daydreaming !!!

Going back into the time, you looked like a dime

Your face like an angle having perfect shine

You looked so innocent calm like a shore,I couldn’t take my eyes off you ,no more

You were beautiful ,I was in love

Spelling over me

I was obsured over you

Below the blue sky,looking at your cat’ie eye, smiling like an apple pie

Looking a way to talk to you, not missing any view

You wearing that dress dark blue, my mind being a Break shoe

I was a mess, you being a bless

Small moments with you cherished all though

Wanted to hold you, keep you closer

Always wanted to look into your eyes, feeling like a noble prize

But I was hung up, out of luck

That guy with whome you rome in city, I swear you looked pretty

No problem, you choose him over me, I was standing over south sea, still used to being, lonely

You were adorably gorgeous, exquisite, like a magnet, always pulling me

That alluring face, won’t be forgotten

Still waiting if you would come back to a monsterous repelling creature…

Wait what ?, Was I still daydreaming !!!

What if…..

United by species , divided by counties.

What if someday all the borders are gone. All the landmass that is being separated by counties and their borders just vanishes…….

Well will be left with an island. A whole island. The world wont be longer seperated by counties, visa or passports. If possible will our lives be easy then? Will our soldiers stop dying for us? Could we be united then?

People will say, “What if we have no barriers, we are still separated by religions?”

What if all the religions are gone. And we dont see anyone by their name or caste. Adam, Ahmed, Alferd, Ajay etc. all could wear a beard and dress not worrying about being judged. Could we be united then?

We would just live on an island called earth, with people of different races and languages. Not on a piece of land divided by  flags or Religious believes.

But still ..Could we be united then….?images%2fhvojar-foroyar%2flitfagrar-foroyar-hendur