My last one

Don’t look at me like that , please

Your sight scares me

Makes me weak, but I don’t wanna stop

I didn’t betrayed you. It’s just. . . . . . . 

Yes , I promised. 

 It will be only you, just you. You’ll be my last one, the special one.

And I feel so sorry for letting you down. 
I still remember your taste. And About tonight …just don’t let me going about that.

You were the best I ever had. 
And you still wonder why I betrayed you. 

Well it’s just life.

 Life tells  it’s gonna jab us but eventually lands a hook.

I know even my thousand sorry won’t be able to  get back the trust I just broke up. But I can’t change it. I . . . . . . 
*Doorbell range*

Sir, here’s your another Extra Cheese Chilli pepperoni Pizza. Have a good night. 
well , well…… I swear you’d be my last one. My special one.


Perfect WE

Knock! Knock! 

Tried a lot to tap on your doors, leaving all my chores

Tried to express to impress, but maybe I was just being useless

Tried a lot to make things work, without being a jerk

I tried and tried to get you by my side

Maybe your gravity was too much, it was pulling me aside
Maybe if You could just be my gear then i’d be your ratio

Maybe you would be chords and i’d be your casio

Could walk a thousand mile for just your lil smile

Maybe we would just walk down the beach, holding hands out of everyone’s reach
Every time I thought I had you, I realise you are still miles apart

But maybe I was expecting snow in June, Baby was there no way we could tune ?
You could be rude to me, you could even swear upon me

Because all these things, all those moments were within me

I don’t even need you to think about you. That’s the beauty of it.

All those cold shoulders you showed, all those opinions you hold

You were just being you, and I am just me

Maybe we weren’t a Perfect we

Best I never had


HER:- He don’t have time for me. Always busy playing with his friends, never understands my importance. All I want is his time. His attention. Don’t he get it? 

HIM:- I wish I could give her more time. Ugh… This training for the tournament is killing me. Maybe I should plan a surprise for her.
HER:-  Even today he slept in between text. I am afraid if he still loves me. 

HIM:- This is the second day in a row she is wearing red. I hate that colour.

HIM:- She bumped to me yesterday.Her eyes were so pretty. So many things wanted to burst out of my mind. I ended up saying nothing.

HER:- He didn’t say anything today, maybe he was getting late for lectures.

HIM:- I wanted to talk to her. But fucked the moment. I hope she doesn’t hates me.

HER:- He didn’t talk to me today. I was really hoping he would. Guess he isn’t interested. Anyways it was just a stupid crush.
HER friends took her to a birthday party.

HIM:- I ‘ll sing a song for her today. Let me call her.

HER:- That guy over there is kinda cute. Hope he asks my number. 

HIM:- It’s been so long. Most of the time she is busy on her cell. I hope everything is fine.

HER:- OMG! he is just charm. He sings me on phone everytime he calls me. 

HIM:-  Maybe I would send her flowers. Ah! No. I will walk to her home today after class.  I dropped the tournament so I could plan her birthday. This will be a great surprise. 

HER:-  He is taking me to his farmhouse on my birthday. Eeee. I am super excited. I wish if he could walk me home today. 

HIM:-  Today is her birthday. Happy bday to the best I never had. 

Love ? 

Have you ever loved someone so much that you don’t care what happens to yourself. All you bother is their happiness, their sorrows, their problems. You just have to be with them  no matter what. Their one look and your heart skips a beat. Craving someone so much that you could jump off floors just to have their glimpse. And the time when their eyes meets yours ,you would just wanted to take a screenshot and save it forever. Knowing that you can’t be with them forever but still wanting to try, in a hope that maybe things would turn around and they would feel the way you feel for them. Hope gives them light to go on. Maybe you won’t get their love. Maybe they won’t ever notice you behind the crowd. But you would always know you could travel miles for their sake, you would guard them like a dark knight. You could let yourself suffer but won’t let them hurt.

– One sided love