I don’t know how I came here? Since when was I here? Only thing I knew was that I was here for a crime I thought I never commited.

Walls turns wet in rainy season and a burning bun in summers. A small window, which kept me stringed with the outer world. Yes, I have been here through many seasons.

 Instead of asking where was I ? 

The only question I used to ask myself, daily was,  Why was I here? 

Growling dark husking winds didn’t scared me, but thought of leaving her alone in that bad bad world did.

Only thing that bought a smile to my eyes was thinking of her before sleep. About that dusky twilight of her tresses. Those Radiant dazzling bright eyes. Splendidly luminous. 
Thud..Thud…  Wake up. You have hearing tomorrow. Sleep tight” 

Those words kept ecoing in my eardrums for the rest of the night. A slight ray of hope between through my skin, giving me goosebumps. 
The winds never felt chiller. The stars that were peeping through the tiny window were twinkling bright. My wait was finally over, I would meet her soon. Love of my life. My better half. My wife.

I would love her soon.

I was masked, chained. And was pushed in every step to the place where my future was to be decided. And with every step, a question grieved deep in me. How bad of a crime have I done? 
Light sprouted. And in a flash of second I was facing couple of angry and growling people around me. Mercy was nowhere to be found. 

Before I knew my fate, I was masked again, i was back between those walls and my window.

Thud.. Thud.. You were sentenced to life imprisonment, but your decision is changed yesterday. 

You will be hanged on 7th of next month” 

Words failed to deliver off my mouth. Was my crime that horrible? But above all… What was my crime? 

Die. Death. End. These words never left my ears. 

I shouted my guts out. I growled. Cried. But no one came. Not even to tell me Shutup. Fear of losing my wife, made me loose my appetite. Meals never got swallowed. Water never felt so bitter. 

Eventually I began to loose muscle, I began to grow thin. Fear of dieing was taking me a step closer to death.. everyday.

On the night of 6th, I thought of talking to the moon thinking my wife would be doing the same. I barely had energy to reach the window. But as I held my nerves and climbed, I noticed something wierd. 
Although the rods of the window had less space between them, my hands were so thin I could easily slide pass through it.
My anger with food, made me loose my body but gave me an opportunity to be FREE

Mumbling my lovers name, I strangled my head and body through that narrow gap and was amazed, how easily it went through. After some struggle and a jump.. I was in an open field. I was free to meet my love. 
I ran with my guts through the marshy land and muddy water. Crawling, jumping of nearly everything off my way. 

A low spark of light caught my attention. I was hungry again. 

As I reached the place, i noticed it was a small shop with an old television. 

 I asked for a cup of tea. 

The man in the shop nooded and became busy preparing it. 
Suddenly I heard my name calling. I looked at the man, he was busy in the tea. Didn’t looked like he spoke. 

The old television got my attention. 

It showed my picture and a headline with a caution mark. 

Police in search of a convict , sentenced for his wife’s murder” 



Does he loves you like I did?” His posture, slightly leaning on the brick wall, gave every indications of indifference but his eyes pleaded to her.
“Well” she paused. Shaking her head at the ground, “He makes me happy in a…. different way..”  he askes “How?”

 “You made me feel everything so deep. He makes me happy, gently…Ugh.” 
His lips curved up into a smirk. He always thought she looked gorgeous when frustrated. “Could you explain. It’s been long seeing you talking.” He shifts his position, crossing his arms. 

“He is steady & safe. Shows up on time. Calls when he says he will. He smiles to me like I am his only treasure. A perfect husband. He take care of my needs. He really loves me, he’s perfect. But you .” She looked up at him with water in her eyes and a smile that would melt his interior heart.  

” You were a fire. No. More of that, you were a wildfire. Crazy and out of control. Simultaneously creating a storm in me and calmness like a shore. It was fire and passion.. and… ” She paused for a moment.   “He is safe, you were dangerous.” 

He steps towards her, not exactly planning what he was gonna do. His rough hands sweeps her hairs from her eyes & with his dusky voice. He said.” Look at me”  She does. And at exactly that moment she knew. No matter how she loved the other guy , it would never be the same.