War in a city

“Whats wrong with those people? Why are they always at war ? ” Two European seniors were conferring upon an article in their Sunday times.

 A beautiful day it was. A damn sunny morning. Peace was all they had.  Sitting on a bench near a lake, feeding bread crumbs to the fishes, not even so glad.

“Maybe those people don’t want to share oil among themselves”  stated one of them, cleaning his Harry Potter styled glasses.  

 They both gave a smirk and turned the page.  Getting more exciting by seeing a football match scorecard, irrelevant of their age.
Miles away… 

the war had left the city in ashes. Two countries in constant clashes. 

Buildings which were once offices and homes were now just a pile of concrete. The fire of the burning city was roaring like a red dragon fleet.

The night was dark and the future of its people, even darker. 

A 5yr old girl, who don’t even had a clue where did all her family flew?

 Why were these bombs raining from the sky which was supposed to pour water with cool breeze? She got no one to play no one to sneeze. 

Hiding under the bench near a lake which had turned red. Wishing she had her Bunny and her bed.

Fishes wriggling. Frogs crawling. Hoping this to end, Hoping for a peaceful morning.

Expecting a sunny Sunday morning to arrive. She closed her eyes.


All he needed

Years later, 

he was wandering in a mall, in the loud chaos he heard a voice from all 

A familiar voice sweeped down his leg, 

no more steps taken, layed like an egg

“Mommy” said a child hugging her.
She had changed 

Well not fully, her voice still had the charm to pause his world

She had gained weight though, her jeans turned to trousers 

All these were the secondary thoughts that came in his mind, his cerebrum was still recalling the last time he saw her
The last drink they had

The last chat he saved

The last hands they held

The last goodbye they bid,

The last day of the clg, they never promised to meet again, they never promised to greet again 

But they both knew the place they had, was never going to be filled again 

And here she was, a happy ,ever smiling face full of cheers, just like the old days

All he ever wanted was to see that smile on that pretty face
He woke up in the present by a call on his cell

Looking towards her, he reached down his pocket and cancelled the ring

He wanted to capture the most of the moment he was having with her

Reaching out for a piller as he hides behind,

 didn’t wanted to come in her sight or her mind

Watery eyes blocked his view

A thick drop of joy and memory slided through his cheeks

He never had the courage to step in her way that day, just keep her smiling was all he did pray
All those rides he took, for all those fights he stood 

He always knew she was all he needed.

Just because….

Just because you left doesn’t mean I wasn’t right 

Just because we aren’t ending up together doesn’t mean we aren’t soulmates

Just because we aren’t talking today doesn’t mean we don’t want to

Just because we don’t see eachother doesn’t mean we don’t care

Just because you are with someone doesn’t mean you forgot my touch

Just because you wanted a stable relationship doesn’t mean I wasn’t worth 

Just because you left doesn’t mean i wasn’t right
Just because you were rude doesn’t mean I would too

Just because time wasn’t in favour doesn’t mean it never was

Just because you couldn’t stay doesn’t mean you had to leave

Just because you ended up with a quite, stable , banker doesn’t mean you don’t miss the thrill of my boxing matches

Just because you set yourself free from me doesn’t mean your heart vacated me

Just because you left doesn’t mean I wasn’t right 

Perfect WE

Knock! Knock! 

Tried a lot to tap on your doors, leaving all my chores

Tried to express to impress, but maybe I was just being useless

Tried a lot to make things work, without being a jerk

I tried and tried to get you by my side

Maybe your gravity was too much, it was pulling me aside
Maybe if You could just be my gear then i’d be your ratio

Maybe you would be chords and i’d be your casio

Could walk a thousand mile for just your lil smile

Maybe we would just walk down the beach, holding hands out of everyone’s reach
Every time I thought I had you, I realise you are still miles apart

But maybe I was expecting snow in June, Baby was there no way we could tune ?
You could be rude to me, you could even swear upon me

Because all these things, all those moments were within me

I don’t even need you to think about you. That’s the beauty of it.

All those cold shoulders you showed, all those opinions you hold

You were just being you, and I am just me

Maybe we weren’t a Perfect we

EYES Dreams 

Panting so heavy, sweating like climbing valley

Crawling inside a cemented grave ,  was i really that brave

a black tee with a ripped short, my eyes were wandering south&north

inside it was quite , mirrors on my left&right

I couldn’t see my reflection in it, i started to panic

as I looked back, there were those eyes starring right back at me

just the eyes..

I remember hearing an audible sound of a kid with heavy pitch.

“Its your new home”

“Thud” “Thud” “Thud” ….. someone was tapping on the grave, from outside

I wanted to scream hard, but was unable to spill a chord

i could see my hands, but they refused to follow my brain’s instructions

Who was taking control over me? Is it on my body, or on my soul?

Those eyes were again in the mirror. Staring back.

Faceless eyes, motionless eyes

They weren’t sad, they weren’t happy but drenched with faded kajal

It was dark there for sometime, was i brain dead? Then how could i think?

my feet touched the base. there seemed no way out.

“Thud” “Thud” “Thud” .. the sound retreaded

Finally heard someone saying “Its done. That was the last nail. Coffin is ready”

And there i was, holding a hairclip in my hand

I knew those eyes

I was numb, my eyes widened as the face of those motionless eyes came to light

It was her.

It was night, a month ago while returning from work, my car crashed with a girl crossing the road, when i reached her, she was gone.

Out of fear, anxiety…muttering about my future, slided her down the slope of valley.       She wore a pretty dress upto her knees, i think she was going for a party. I dumped her there.

Lesser i knew, i dumped her body, not her soul.

Here she is..looking right back at me.

Its been 20 years 294 days since then. I like my new house.  Well, she says i am a guest, cus i  gifted it to her long ago.




Another home 

I look at sky wondering if there is someone staring back.

Far in the galaxy, far on those stars

Would there be another home

Another bunch of people looking up for a hope.Another bunch of people who would kill eachother for a land of slope

Another bounded land, another starving hand

Another heart to be broken soon, another fire looking for a moon

Would there be another trust broken, would there be another kiss stolen

Would happiness stay there for long, would love meet them along

Would there be no wars, no fights no scars

I don’t want flying cars over there, Pandora’s box would lie on stairs 

No sorrow. No broken heart. No fallen trees. No hot breeze 

Would there be Another home

I look at sky wondering if someone is staring back.


Does he loves you like I did?” His posture, slightly leaning on the brick wall, gave every indications of indifference but his eyes pleaded to her.
“Well” she paused. Shaking her head at the ground, “He makes me happy in a…. different way..”  he askes “How?”

 “You made me feel everything so deep. He makes me happy, gently…Ugh.” 
His lips curved up into a smirk. He always thought she looked gorgeous when frustrated. “Could you explain. It’s been long seeing you talking.” He shifts his position, crossing his arms. 

“He is steady & safe. Shows up on time. Calls when he says he will. He smiles to me like I am his only treasure. A perfect husband. He take care of my needs. He really loves me, he’s perfect. But you .” She looked up at him with water in her eyes and a smile that would melt his interior heart.  

” You were a fire. No. More of that, you were a wildfire. Crazy and out of control. Simultaneously creating a storm in me and calmness like a shore. It was fire and passion.. and… ” She paused for a moment.   “He is safe, you were dangerous.” 

He steps towards her, not exactly planning what he was gonna do. His rough hands sweeps her hairs from her eyes & with his dusky voice. He said.” Look at me”  She does. And at exactly that moment she knew. No matter how she loved the other guy , it would never be the same.