All he needed

Years later, 

he was wandering in a mall, in the loud chaos he heard a voice from all 

A familiar voice sweeped down his leg, 

no more steps taken, layed like an egg

“Mommy” said a child hugging her.
She had changed 

Well not fully, her voice still had the charm to pause his world

She had gained weight though, her jeans turned to trousers 

All these were the secondary thoughts that came in his mind, his cerebrum was still recalling the last time he saw her
The last drink they had

The last chat he saved

The last hands they held

The last goodbye they bid,

The last day of the clg, they never promised to meet again, they never promised to greet again 

But they both knew the place they had, was never going to be filled again 

And here she was, a happy ,ever smiling face full of cheers, just like the old days

All he ever wanted was to see that smile on that pretty face
He woke up in the present by a call on his cell

Looking towards her, he reached down his pocket and cancelled the ring

He wanted to capture the most of the moment he was having with her

Reaching out for a piller as he hides behind,

 didn’t wanted to come in her sight or her mind

Watery eyes blocked his view

A thick drop of joy and memory slided through his cheeks

He never had the courage to step in her way that day, just keep her smiling was all he did pray
All those rides he took, for all those fights he stood 

He always knew she was all he needed.


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