Perfect WE

Knock! Knock! 

Tried a lot to tap on your doors, leaving all my chores

Tried to express to impress, but maybe I was just being useless

Tried a lot to make things work, without being a jerk

I tried and tried to get you by my side

Maybe your gravity was too much, it was pulling me aside
Maybe if You could just be my gear then i’d be your ratio

Maybe you would be chords and i’d be your casio

Could walk a thousand mile for just your lil smile

Maybe we would just walk down the beach, holding hands out of everyone’s reach
Every time I thought I had you, I realise you are still miles apart

But maybe I was expecting snow in June, Baby was there no way we could tune ?
You could be rude to me, you could even swear upon me

Because all these things, all those moments were within me

I don’t even need you to think about you. That’s the beauty of it.

All those cold shoulders you showed, all those opinions you hold

You were just being you, and I am just me

Maybe we weren’t a Perfect we


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