EYES Dreams 

Panting so heavy, sweating like climbing valley

Crawling inside a cemented grave ,  was i really that brave

a black tee with a ripped short, my eyes were wandering south&north

inside it was quite , mirrors on my left&right

I couldn’t see my reflection in it, i started to panic

as I looked back, there were those eyes starring right back at me

just the eyes..

I remember hearing an audible sound of a kid with heavy pitch.

“Its your new home”

“Thud” “Thud” “Thud” ….. someone was tapping on the grave, from outside

I wanted to scream hard, but was unable to spill a chord

i could see my hands, but they refused to follow my brain’s instructions

Who was taking control over me? Is it on my body, or on my soul?

Those eyes were again in the mirror. Staring back.

Faceless eyes, motionless eyes

They weren’t sad, they weren’t happy but drenched with faded kajal

It was dark there for sometime, was i brain dead? Then how could i think?

my feet touched the base. there seemed no way out.

“Thud” “Thud” “Thud” .. the sound retreaded

Finally heard someone saying “Its done. That was the last nail. Coffin is ready”

And there i was, holding a hairclip in my hand

I knew those eyes

I was numb, my eyes widened as the face of those motionless eyes came to light

It was her.

It was night, a month ago while returning from work, my car crashed with a girl crossing the road, when i reached her, she was gone.

Out of fear, anxiety…muttering about my future, slided her down the slope of valley.       She wore a pretty dress upto her knees, i think she was going for a party. I dumped her there.

Lesser i knew, i dumped her body, not her soul.

Here she is..looking right back at me.

Its been 20 years 294 days since then. I like my new house.  Well, she says i am a guest, cus i  gifted it to her long ago.





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