Does he loves you like I did?” His posture, slightly leaning on the brick wall, gave every indications of indifference but his eyes pleaded to her.
“Well” she paused. Shaking her head at the ground, “He makes me happy in a…. different way..”  he askes “How?”

 “You made me feel everything so deep. He makes me happy, gently…Ugh.” 
His lips curved up into a smirk. He always thought she looked gorgeous when frustrated. “Could you explain. It’s been long seeing you talking.” He shifts his position, crossing his arms. 

“He is steady & safe. Shows up on time. Calls when he says he will. He smiles to me like I am his only treasure. A perfect husband. He take care of my needs. He really loves me, he’s perfect. But you .” She looked up at him with water in her eyes and a smile that would melt his interior heart.  

” You were a fire. No. More of that, you were a wildfire. Crazy and out of control. Simultaneously creating a storm in me and calmness like a shore. It was fire and passion.. and… ” She paused for a moment.   “He is safe, you were dangerous.” 

He steps towards her, not exactly planning what he was gonna do. His rough hands sweeps her hairs from her eyes & with his dusky voice. He said.” Look at me”  She does. And at exactly that moment she knew. No matter how she loved the other guy , it would never be the same. 


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