Best I never had


HER:- He don’t have time for me. Always busy playing with his friends, never understands my importance. All I want is his time. His attention. Don’t he get it? 

HIM:- I wish I could give her more time. Ugh… This training for the tournament is killing me. Maybe I should plan a surprise for her.
HER:-  Even today he slept in between text. I am afraid if he still loves me. 

HIM:- This is the second day in a row she is wearing red. I hate that colour.

HIM:- She bumped to me yesterday.Her eyes were so pretty. So many things wanted to burst out of my mind. I ended up saying nothing.

HER:- He didn’t say anything today, maybe he was getting late for lectures.

HIM:- I wanted to talk to her. But fucked the moment. I hope she doesn’t hates me.

HER:- He didn’t talk to me today. I was really hoping he would. Guess he isn’t interested. Anyways it was just a stupid crush.
HER friends took her to a birthday party.

HIM:- I ‘ll sing a song for her today. Let me call her.

HER:- That guy over there is kinda cute. Hope he asks my number. 

HIM:- It’s been so long. Most of the time she is busy on her cell. I hope everything is fine.

HER:- OMG! he is just charm. He sings me on phone everytime he calls me. 

HIM:-  Maybe I would send her flowers. Ah! No. I will walk to her home today after class.  I dropped the tournament so I could plan her birthday. This will be a great surprise. 

HER:-  He is taking me to his farmhouse on my birthday. Eeee. I am super excited. I wish if he could walk me home today. 

HIM:-  Today is her birthday. Happy bday to the best I never had. 


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