Love ? 

Have you ever loved someone so much that you don’t care what happens to yourself. All you bother is their happiness, their sorrows, their problems. You just have to be with them  no matter what. Their one look and your heart skips a beat. Craving someone so much that you could jump off floors just to have their glimpse. And the time when their eyes meets yours ,you would just wanted to take a screenshot and save it forever. Knowing that you can’t be with them forever but still wanting to try, in a hope that maybe things would turn around and they would feel the way you feel for them. Hope gives them light to go on. Maybe you won’t get their love. Maybe they won’t ever notice you behind the crowd. But you would always know you could travel miles for their sake, you would guard them like a dark knight. You could let yourself suffer but won’t let them hurt.

– One sided love

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