You broke me

25.2138° N, 75.8648° E 
The day when I first saw you, 
You Wearing that green belt, it took me through

me chewing some sandwiches , stealing eyes on you 

You being so dumb didn’t asked my number, that night was filled with thunder 

Roamed around the city without a clue, my eyes on you struck like a glue.

Took your number from fb and texted you then, you also replied without asking why and when

Stared dreaming about you writing diaries, you were busy playing pool and doing less replies 

Didn’t know you were with one of my friend, I thought I was your gf

Your single smile makes me drool , but I think you were trying to make me fool

I had a relationship before you, but i think you were a newbie , had to guide you through every boundary

Seeing you with my friends started pumping my insecurities, so much that I forgot my basic duties

The frustration of yours avoiding me for a girl, took me like am a garbage on the floor

Those garden visits were more precious with you , but seeing you happy with her made me think what to do

I was confused of you not telling me anything, and I was here all day all night messaging 

Heard you were with her, i was hurt

Questions started to born, was I worth.

Your time for me got reduced, worried about your changed attitude 

A time came when I was broken, the life looked like a burden

Broken inside, wanting you by my side

My brain felt so numb, want you to stay along

Thought of being free from the desire of being with you, dreams of living a life with you

Should end my worthless life, then he’ll know how much I desired

Never wanted to see you again, you made me felt this pain. 

Drank the poison, to make you learn a lesson

That place would be remembered, not for you, but for things I desired,

 I survived 

Broken heart broken promises broken soul broken me.

I am happy today with the one who loves me 

We weren’t meant to be together but you were beautiful feather . 

A beautiful para of a chapter called Love from a  book called Life was ended with you. 

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