A Happy Jar

There are days in a year when one feels like giving up. Drenched below their failures. Their goals looking like mountains of endless slope. Daydreaming about what better could they have achieved, how better they could have acted and conversations that never really happened. Ever thought about having your own smile box?

Starting today, the first night of the new year, start a vision of not being bullied by your heavy heart. Not being crushed below the hard feeling of your un-achieved goal. Make a change and even a smaller change counts.

After everyday, while coming on bed, take a piece of paper and write all the good things that happened to you on that day. Yeah everyday wont give you the feeling of winning a cricket match but even a small happy moment  could be penned down.

That could even be   ” Came across a beautiful girl in bus today ” or ” Helped an old lady cross the road “. anything that made you feel happy that day, pen it down.

As they say, Savings on your happy days helps you in your tougher ones.

Start putting all those notes with dates in a jar.  365 happy notes.



Whenever feeling low, felling down like giving up just open your happy jar and you would see how you will recall those happy phase of your life. You will realize that your life is a lot more than doing what shows you are happy. It is doing what makes you happy.

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