What if…..

United by species , divided by counties.

What if someday all the borders are gone. All the landmass that is being separated by counties and their borders just vanishes…….

Well will be left with an island. A whole island. The world wont be longer seperated by counties, visa or passports. If possible will our lives be easy then? Will our soldiers stop dying for us? Could we be united then?

People will say, “What if we have no barriers, we are still separated by religions?”

What if all the religions are gone. And we dont see anyone by their name or caste. Adam, Ahmed, Alferd, Ajay etc. all could wear a beard and dress not worrying about being judged. Could we be united then?

We would just live on an island called earth, with people of different races and languages. Not on a piece of land divided by  flags or Religious believes.

But still ..Could we be united then….?images%2fhvojar-foroyar%2flitfagrar-foroyar-hendur


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