Passion OR Profession !!

Aim . Hold your breath, Fire.    Do you have a adrenaline rush in you body when you see a rifle shot fired. That exotic feel that you have when you see a personnel holding an Assault rifle. I bet if you too feel the same, you are on my team mate.

Growing up as a teen I have been playing First person shooting games a lot. Call Of Duty, Counter Strike were always on my top lists. Born and bought up in a military family just helped me converting this as an eyeful sight to an addiction.

Some people praises cars for their sleek designs, metallic finish and smooth ride, the same case is for Guns. Although, being called as a “Machine of destruction” by many people, guns or rifles do not hold a good reputation in the society for as a passion. But myself being an engineering student cannot ignore the fact that there is some amazing mechanics being involved in that small piece of metal body.


source: Pinterest

Once I was undergoing my NCC camp during school (yes my school was that cool) and one of our instructor took us to the firing range for some firing drills. That was my first experience with live bullet and I still remember the first recoil of my rifle during my first shot. Although I missed my target my an inch but the satisfaction level was par high.

You know, having a passion for some thing in your life is a must. It makes you a better person on whole. That passion may be swimming, photography, dancing or even maybe going to a gym. You see don’t confuse a passion with a profession. They could be done side by side. But hey! What could be more satisfying that making your passion as a profession.

I love to play pool. Actually I am pretty good at it. And I would love to do it my whole day. But I don’t think playing pool could be my profession. Sometimes people say, Man I don’t know what am I gonna do in my life? I have no goals? Don’t know where my life is drifting? I have no passions? Nothing. For them I would say passion or hobby doesn’t come by seeing others, it comes from your heart.

If your heart skips a bit, while doing something. You feel adrenaline rushing though your veins and after that a feel of satisfaction goes though your body and your heart urges to go for it again. Then that particular thing my friend could be your passion.

And when nothing feels right, put on your shoes, get your shorts and start running. You would actually fell a lot better about yourself while running. Nothing can beat the moment while going out for a run even if its about a mile , doesn’t matter but Run. Because my friend you have got heart, do a thing which makes you hear your heart-beat. And it would keep you away from medicines from your whole life. Listen to your heart and your body would listen to you.

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